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Anxiety About Anxiety: How a Small Shift in Attitude Can Create Change

Therapy is all about change. It’s about learning new skills, finding new perspectives and developing insight. Solving a problem you’ve been working on can be an ah-ha! moment. It all makes sense, you get it, it becomes crystal clear. Sometimes, you solve a problem slowly — little by little. Therapy …


Four Types of Self-Revealing Conversations to Create Closeness

Growing up we learn to talk about events and other topics in our families, but not always about our feelings. Learning to share feelings through self-disclosure can lead to greater connection in our adult lives and an increased sense of self-acceptance. It’s helpful to talk together no matter the topic, …


Real Talk: Four Types of Self-Revealing Personal Conversations that Lead to More Closeness and Calm

Several years ago much to my surprise a college senior who came to see me because of his ongoing issues with depression – and feeling profoundly lonely in spite of having friends – shared that he never had engaged in self-disclosure when talking with friends. What do you talk about?, …