Let’s collaborate

Let’s collaborate

Connections Health partners with other professionals in our work with clients and in ongoing professional development and growth.

We take your referrals seriously.

We appreciate your trust in us to provide the primary care for your referrals or to work with you and other professionals as part of a collaborative team.

We receive referrals from other therapists, residential and intensive outpatient programs, psychiatrists, psychologists, internists, nutritionists, local middle and high schools, and colleges, among others.

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Collaboration and case consultation offer more options for client care

We’re here to support you in your role with your client. We can be a resource through providing supplemental group therapy, one-on-one counseling and skills training, intensives, or other a la carte add-on therapy and services. We are also available for case consultation when you need our expertise.

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  • We set aside time to intentionally and regularly coordinate care with our clients’ other providers.
  • Stand alone or aftercare custom plans and services provide needed support.
  • Plans can be designed as a first option or to follow another program.

We can provide the extra support clients might need as they move from a structured residential, partial hospitalization (PHP), or intensive outpatient program (IOP). We seamlessly help your client transition from more intensive levels of care to a more supported custom outpatient plan and back to you.

Custom plans can also be designed to follow a medical leave from school to provide the extra support to sustain and build on progress.

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Let’s get coffee.

We love to meet new people. Getting to know you expands our knowledge and resources about the help that is out there.
So we make time regularly for coffee dates at local cafes or in our kitchen.