Here, you’re 
a person first.

Here, you’re 
a person first.

You aren’t a number. You’re not a label or disorder, an event or circumstance.
You’re a part of a community that cares, and a valued member of it.

Connections Health is a community of well-trained caring clinicians, educators, and clinical support staff
with multidisciplinary skills and strategies for helping clients evolve and grow.

Through individual, couple and family counseling, groups, and custom plans and approaches,
we support your personal needs and goals.

We’re all human, and we’re in this together.

At Connections Health in our open, honest, and warm culture, we learn and grow every day. We value creativity and collaboration in working with you and each other.

The first person we collaborate with is you.

We personalize our clinically-focused approaches in each therapy session and in other ways we work with you.

We believe that everyone has a capacity for change.

The relationship we share is a catalyst for growth. We feel lucky to know our clients and work with them as they let us into their inner experiences and lives.

We aren’t afraid of the hard stuff.

Our inner world can be confusing. But we know that each of us can be resilient in the face of challenges. So we focus on growing, rather than achieving and perfecting.
By doing so, you’re motivated and empowered to define, for yourself, what matters most to you.

Therapy doesn’t always have to feel like hard work.

We find that being interactive, and sharing humor and warmth enlivens our work together while encouraging honesty and risk taking.
We are continually learning from our clients and bring that to the work we do together.



About Our Space

Our vision is to offer inviting, comfortable spaces where we can work together in flexible and positive ways. Our space is beautifully designed and furnished, with central air, natural light, sound control, and privacy — reflecting the same attention to detail, care and time we put into each interaction and person we work with. We created this environment to cater to the client experience so that everyone can feel safe and at home during the work of therapy.

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