You don’t have
to face difficult
problems alone.

We’re here to help in
whatever ways you need.

You don’t have
to face difficult
problems alone.

We’re here to help in
whatever ways you need.

We partner with you as we support your strengths and goals for your emotional wellbeing and in your work, studies, relationships and day-to-day life, too.

Connections Health works with people of all ages. Adolescents, college and graduate students at Northwestern University and other schools, young adults and the LGBTQIA+ community are a special focus.

We begin by getting to know you and understanding your unique needs. We personalize our work together adapting a variety of multidisciplinary, research-based approaches – grounded in real, human connection.

We develop your skills, confidence and insight through individual, couple, family, and group counseling, and custom plans and services

Individual Counseling

We collaborate in a one-on-one relationship to deepen your understanding and capacity to create the changes you are looking for within yourself and in your life.

Anxiety, depression and mood disorders, eating disorders, addictions, relationship issues, life transitions and other concerns benefit from our individualized work together.

We can focus on or combine a variety of insight oriented, cognitive and behavioral therapy approaches in a process of exploration, learning and growth.

We have a roll-up-our sleeves approach to helping you make things work in your life. We view solving problems as learning opportunities for personal development.

Some Practical Ways We Can Help

Learning to manage your time and priorities
Writing a paper you are struggling with or a dissertation
Applying to college or graduate school
Writing a resume or interviewing for a job
Helping you find an organization or activity to get involved with
Making friends
Finding an intimate relationship

Couple & Relationship Counseling

We support you in repairing, building and strengthening your relationship. We focus on developing emotional awareness, communication and conflict resolution skills, and interpersonal effectiveness so you can develop more closeness and fulfillment at any stage. We address a range of issues such as sex and intimacy, premarital preparation, value differences, life stressors and transitions, infidelity, separation and divorce, and more. We utilize tools and techniques from the Gottman Method Couple Counseling and Emotionally Focused Therapy and other research-based methodologies.


Family Counseling

Family relationships can be a source of satisfaction and closeness throughout our lives. Circumstances and stressors on families impact us and change over time. When there is tension, conflict, or cut-offs in our relationships, we feel distress and hopelessness.

Working with family issues and dynamics can lead to not only strengthening relationships within the family but also to individual growth and wellbeing.

Family work can be done all together or with different configurations of family members as we individualize the work for your specific family needs and goals.

We work with families with young and adult children, aging parents and extended and blended families too.



Group Counseling

Share concerns, receive support and learn from each other as you explore a wide range of perspectives with other people facing similar challenges. You will gain self-awareness and skill-building and benefit from the energy and connection a group environment brings.

We create and lead topic-specific support groups and intensives, skill-building and wellness programs, along with other workshops and activities for clients and the community.


Custom Plans & Services

We offer flexible options for counseling and schedules and other services to choose from in creating a custom plan that works for you and fits with your life and commitments.


We are an inclusive practice.

We meet our clients and each other with respect and affirming support as we explore the diverse, intersecting identities that make us, us.

Our specially-designed therapy spaces cater to the client experience inviting you to feel comfortable and at home.

We accept Northwestern University Aetna Student Health Insurance. Ask about Preferred Provider and other coverage options.