Work & Career

Work is a major part of our identity, how we spend our time every day, and how we view the world and ourselves. At Connections Health, we are committed to supporting you in finding and developing work that aligns with your values and goals and as a meaningful part of your life.

We offer support in:
● Job challenges, conflicts, and problem-solving
● Effective leadership, collaboration, and interpersonal skills
● Family business issues
● Work/life balance
● Career direction discovery
● Job search support
● Job loss, rejoining the workforce, and changing careers
● Additional focus on business and social entrepreneurs, artists, creatives, and professionals

Identity & Personal Exploration

Identity and personal exploration can be important motivations for coming to therapy. Personal growth is often incorporated in all of the work that we do with clients even when we are focused on specific problem areas. Self discovery and developing self-awareness can also in-and-of-itself be the focus of your therapy.

We support you in your exploration of:
● Self-awareness and self-understanding
● Creativity, meaning and fulfillment
● Personal growth
● Self-esteem and identity
● Spirituality/religion
● Goal-setting and life planning