Becoming and being a parent is one of the most complex and potentially fulfilling roles we will ever have. Parenting makes demands on our day-to-day schedules and priorities and challenges us to learn new skills. Parenting experiences impact our identities and feelings of competence and self worth.

We support parents in various stages of life, from new parents to parents of adolescents, college age children, and adults. We also address specific issues that emerge in co-parenting, single parenting, with divorced parents, grandparenting, blended families and adoption.

With adequate resources and support, you can develop a healthy, supportive, impactful and fundamentally meaningful relationship with your child, at whatever life stage.

Life Changes, Losses & Adjustments

We all experience times of change, adjustment and loss. We are prepared to help you in adapting to your new life circumstances and rebuilding what is meaningful for you.

Our areas of focus include:
● Leaving home
● Marriage and divorce
● Fertility and adoption
● Parenthood
● Empty nest
● Retirement
● Aging
● Illness
● Grief and loss
● Being a caregiver
● Balancing needs of self and others
● Creating support systems