Adolescence is a time of great transition, exploration and redefinition. It can also be a time of great pressure impacting self-esteem, self-image and coping skills. This can be a very exciting growth period, but the challenges can lead to increased anxiety, depression, isolation and uncertainty.

At Connections Health, we have special training and experience in supporting adolescents in:
● Mental and emotional health and wellness
● Anxiety and stress
● Depression and other mood disorders
● Eating disorders
● Substance use and other at-risk behaviors
● Social media and video game use
● Friendships
● Social relationships, peer pressure and bullying
● Developing responsibility, confidence and autonomy
● Sex and sexuality
● LGBTQIA+ gender identity and sexual orientation
● Family relationships and transitions
● ADHD, executive function, and other learning issues
● Academics and grade stress
● Learning, time management, and being a student
● College applications
● Gap year
● Transition to college

College, Graduate Students & Young Adults

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