We work with people, not patients.

Here, you aren’t a number. You’re not a label or disorder, an event or circumstance. You’re a part of a community that cares, and a valued member of it. So come on in.

We work with people, not patients.

Here, you aren’t a number. You’re not a label or disorder, an event or circumstance. You’re a part of a community that cares, and a valued member of it. So come on in.


Connections Health is a community of well-trained, caring clinicians, educators, and clinical support staff with multi-disciplinary approaches, skills, and strategies for helping clients evolve and grow. Through individual therapy, groups, intensives and a variety of approaches, we support your personal growth and goals.

We’re all human, and we’re in this together.

At Connections Health, we enjoy what we do every day. And with an open, honest, and warm culture, we take care of each other and ourselves.

Meet Our Team

We aren’t afraid of the hard stuff.

It’s messy being a person. But we know that each of us can be resilient in the face of challenges. So we focus on growing in life, rather than achieving and perfecting. By doing so, you’re empowered to define, for yourself, what makes life meaningful.

Solving a problem you’ve been working on can be an ah-ha! moment. It all makes sense, you get it, it becomes crystal clear. Sometimes, you solve a problem slowly — little by little. We help you notice your own life in new ways, considering and appreciating your own progress. With fresh eyes and a more flexible, expansive worldview. This process isn’t just about insight, it’s chemical: by learning new things about yourself and evolving your perspective, you’re creating new pathways for experiencing the world around you.

You can make things happen in your life. You can make choices that you value, find your inner resources and support networks, and move toward self-acceptance. We have a strong optimism that everyone has capacity for change, and their inner and outer life can align. Let’s begin, and be more than we imagine.

Research-based, clinically-proven approaches…grounded in real, human connection.


We have a no stone unturned attitude to care: we’ll do whatever it takes, including finding and connecting you to the right resources. We help foster capacities and paths for change and progress, and are continually learning from our clients and bringing that to the work we do together. Being interactive, sharing humor and warmth enlivens our work together while encouraging honesty and risk-taking.


The first person we collaborate with is you. We feel lucky to know our clients and work with them as they let us into their inner experiences and their lives. So we strive to be supportive and respectful of each person’s comfort level in addressing difficult issues and emotions. At the same time, we try to help clients examine the attitudes and thought processes that are getting in their way, and to develop and integrate new insights and understanding. First and foremost, in one-on-one therapy we collaborate with you.

When you need us to we extend our circle of collaboration. We are open and creative collaborators, and our highest priority is meeting the needs of our clients and responding to feedback and questions. When it makes sense, our staff works with each other and with clients, their families and support networks, psychiatrists, other programs and with other professionals. We can team with primary therapists, primary care physicians, schools or custom-create a care plan.

We choose custom care because it meets an unmet need: students and individuals who want to continue moving forward with their commitments and daily lives. By customizing your schedule, type of therapy, and treatment setting, you can create the plan that works best for you.

What do you need support with?



Our vision is to offer inviting, comfortable spaces for clients and associates to work together in flexible and positive ways. Our space is beautifully architected and furnished with central air, natural light, sound control, and privacy. Our space reflects the same attention to detail, care and time we put into each interaction and person we work with — from the first phone call to when they move on. Our specially-designed therapy spaces in Evanston cater to the client experience so that everyone feels comfortable, safe and at home during the work of therapy.